Weather Information

Whether you are going out for an evening meal or planning to climb a Munro in winter, you will want to check the weather forecast before you go.

After all, this is Scotland and we do get variable weather. Anyway, it is that variability that makes our country so beautiful. A great landscape photograph needs a few clouds in the sky to add some interest and a waterfall is more spectacular with lots of water thundering down it.

Yes, we’re just making excuses for the existence of wind and rain and snow, but there are many days when we enjoy some truly fantastic weather. Whatever the weather, it is always useful to know about it in advance.

Here are a few useful links to websites where you can pick up a forecast for the day ahead:

BBC Weather

Windy Wilson for local weather reports on Facebook

Mountain Weather Information Service

Scottish Avalanche Information Service

If you know of a weather forecasting site that isn’t on this page, then please let us know by writing to us at:

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