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Cultybraggan WW2 POW Camp

Surrounded by picturesque Perthshire Hills, Cultybraggan Camp is the only preserved Prisoner of War camp in Scotland with over 80 original Nissen huts surviving.

The Camp offers a fascinating insight into everyday life for the prisoners and those who guarded them.  A number of the huts are open to the public, while others are the process of restoration under the Camp’s innovative repair-and-lease programme.

  • Follow the self-guided Storyboard Tour (approx. 0.5 miles, 45 mins) and learn about the history of the camp from 1941 to the present day.
  • See the Cartoon Collection: Drawn by a German POW, this unique collection of 66 pen and ink drawings is the most comprehensive visual record of daily life for German prisoners of war in the UK.  The cartoons not only capture the conditions inside the camp, the activities that the prisoners engaged in, but also the feelings and emotions of the incarcerated men.
  • Visit the Jailblock with its original cell doors and stone floors. It’s also reputed to be the most haunted site within the camp!
  • Prisoner Accommodation: Experience the reality of daily life at the camp by visiting our fascinating accommodation hut reconstruction.

For opening times and admission prices visit our website.

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