Photography – lessons, art work to buy & therapeutic photography courses.

We offer bespoke photography tours where we can teach basic to intermediate level of photography.

If participating in the photography part is not your thing and you’d prefer to just buy ‘captured’ images by Scott our photographer, then we can facilitate this also. He has an array of images from all around Scotland. These can be seen at and also on our facebook page. Please PM us if interested in any of the images. 

Finally, we offer a therapeutic photography course which has been designed to encompass many different groups. These include; team building, recovering addiction, young people, older people, confidence building, social inclusion programs. Note – This list is not exhaustive. 

At Capture Scotland 2 we are proud to focus on the works of Scott Broadley. He is not only a phenomenally skilled photographer, but he also has the ability to transport you to better days, happier places and through his work you are able to forget about the day to day stresses brought by ‘life’.

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