A823 Yetts o’ Muckhart to Gleneagles road is open

construction-area-150275_1280 (2)

The A823 road linking Yetts o’ Muckhart with Gleneagles has been closed for three weeks for essential maintenance, but is now fully open again.

We announced the news of this road closure several weeks ago in order to warn visitors and suggest alternative routes. This article is to let visitors know that the roadworks have been completed and that the road is now open.

The A823 through Glen Devon and Glen Eagles is a scenic part of the Historic South section of the Heart 200 route and is a vital link across the Ochil Hills.

Roadworks have to be carried out from time-to-time, so we will do our best to bring news of any works affecting the roads around the Heart 200 route whenever they are taking place.

Image by OpenClipart-Vectors from Pixabay


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